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Demo rit MAN GTX

On the road with the new MAN TGX.

Does the new MAN live up to its expectations?

Week 40 and 41 we will try out the latest MAN.

In collaboration with BTS Wognum, we will be on the road for 2 weeks with their demo truck to test this completely new MAN Truck in practice.

We are always looking for the most environmentally friendly solution on the road. Due to the latest modifications, the MAN claims that the TGX saves 8.2% fuel on its predecessor. The latest innovations, including in the field of powertrain, aerodynamics and the MAN EfficientCruise, make the new truck generation very economical.

In the coming weeks we will be putting it to the test, the TGX will be used in our regular Netherlands-Italy work. Our drivers are standard trained in the new way of driving, where fuel savings and less tire wear contribute to a reduction in transport costs and the environment. This combination with the new MAN should yield an even better result.

With its promise, the new MAN TGX would therefore fit in well with our sustainability vision.