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International groupage transport

House to house from 1 pallet to complete truckloads.

Since 1962 we do groupage transport to and from Italy. In addition to Italy, we also provide shipments throughout Europe. We always try to transport the goods house-house with our own people, with our own equipment. This guarantees a fast and optimal service with minimum delay. With more than 50 own trucks and daily departures, we can quickly switch and respond to your request for the desired transport.

We transport from the smallest shipment to complete truckloads, we are quality certified (BRC) and we have no problem with shipments with a different profile.

With our own warehouse in Verona, Italy we are very flexible. We keep every form of loading in our own hands and this happens with reliable staff, who take care of your goods.

Information up to the minute/meter. Every vehicle within our fleet is equipped with a ‘track & trace’ system. This offers us the possibility to keep you informed of where your goods are and when you or your customer can expect them.

In addition to regular road transport, we also offer a more sustainable mode of transport.    ROAD2RAIL

Since 1988 we have the intermodal, sustainable and green transport department to and from Italy. We combine road transport with the European rail network.

We provide transport and insurance under CMR conditions.

      Since 1960 fron and to Italy.

      Depedance in Verona Italy.

     Daily transport

     Every delivery traceble by GPS.

     24 / 7

     Clear rates.

    We speak the language and know the culture in Italy.

     ROAD2RAIL , sustainable intermodal transport.

    The cars are ADR equipped.

You are at the Waard Transport on the green track!