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Intermodally conditioned transport

We take care of your conditioned transport, door to door with the aid of the rail network. Departure takes place daily, even in the weekend.

Transporting goods from and to Italy is our specialization. With over 80 years of experience and knowledge, we are the Italy transport company you are looking for. In the field of intermodal transport, we have been a household name since 1985.
Intermodally conditioned transport is an environmentally friendly solution for your refrigerated or frozen transports, it is a type of transport where road and rail are combined.

–   FRESH & CO2 LESS  –


Intermodal conditioned transport is strongly encouraged by the Dutch government to promote the environment and mobility. It is an economical and environmentally friendly solution that fits your social responsibility.
We have a large capacity of our own coolers/freezers that keep your goods at the right temperature, whether deep frozen or far above zero. We monitor the containers by satellite and the temperature is recorded so that you are always certain of the right conditions. We are a BRC-certified company, your goods are treated with the greatest care during transport.

Combined road/rail transport is especially suitable for heavier loads and loads with a large volume and low weight. Due to the larger loading capacity, a sharp pricing can be used.
The transport times and costs obviously differ per destination.
We transport from one box to a complete truckload whether it needs to be loaded in the heart of Milan or a village in the Italian countryside. Through our years of experience in Italy, we have a large and reliable network of partners and we create a suitable solution for every transport.
At our own warehouse in Sommacampagna, in the Verona region, there is someone present at the office every day for the necessary Italian contacts. We have a large (transhipment) warehouse in Italy. It is also possible to have shipments delivered to our crossdock. De Waard Italië is an extra service point where we can group your goods and consolidate them, as one shipment, to the Netherlands.

Do you also want to be the pioneer in CO²?    Then you are at the Waard Transport on the green track